You think about something, and the universe responds...

I am continually in awe of serendipity, how things show up just when you need them.

But I am also asking you to help out. Please follow this new blog in my name.

This morning on one of the zillion blogs I follow, Chinook Update, I saw: Win A Free Chat with an Agent. I had to check it out.

Mark McVeigh reps both authors and illustrators, and his is positively oozing with industry insights. Very juicy.

I'm an author whose day job is as an designer/illustrator. I often dream of the perfect project that combines the sensibility of a novel with the cool visuals I imagine as I write. But just this morning I envisioned the illustration for the first page of my WIP (work in progress), and wondered if I need to stay on course and write the same, or differently - given that there will be ART?

If you follow his blog, and 10 people do this, I will get a 10-minute Skype call with him. And I have many questions...

Please follow! and let me know.

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